Matthew Bond

Matt has prided himself on being able to identify a gap in the market.He knew there was some real potential for a card-less bar or restaurant tab. Working with BlueChilli, Matt believes Zwype will be a 'game-changer' and has the potential to revolutionise the way we eat and drink.


Alexander Farquhar

With a vast experience in the hospitality industry, spanning over a decade, Alex jumped on the opportunity to team up with co-founders, Matt and Jaryd, in order to solve a long lasting problem that has plagued the bar-going experience for staff and punters alike. The ability to use technology to improve the customer’s experience, as well as the venue’s bottom line, is vital – and Alex believes that is exactly what Zwype will do..


jaryd misios

Having spent many hours on each side of the bar, Jaryd has seen the current bar industries’ payment inefficiencies in full effect. Together with his fellow co founders he is aiming to reduce the current time, security and monetary problems that surround the existing ageing payment systems. With almost a decade in the property industry Jaryd loves disruptive technology and the change it brings to problems big and small. He is focused on establishing and growing Zwype to be Australia’s number one cashless payment system.